david R. Nelson
chief executive officer

An eleven-year Navy veteran, Mr. Nelson is a successful serial entrepreneur who has led the formation of a number of firms, including Sierra Military Healthcare Services, Humana

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qualified, Focused and Committed

regarding the formation of regional Clinically Integrated Networks and innovative structures of local Accountable Care Organizations.  In addition, Dr. Sokolov has served and continues to serve on numerous Boards of Directors of healthcare service and product firms throughout the country, including Hospira, MedCath, PhyAmerica, SMG Holding, Global Med and others. 

Dr. Sokolov’s service in both publically held and private firms includes leadership roles on Audit, Personnel and Compensation Committees.  In addition, Dr. Sokolov was directly responsible for reform of the Southern California Edison Corporation’s employee health benefit, positively impacting thousands of employees and family members by increasing quality and access of care while reducing overall healthcare spend having served as its Vice President for Healthcare and Chief Medical Officer.

jacque j. sokolov, MD
chairman/chief medical officer

Dr. Sokolov has most recently led SSB Solutions, Inc. the nation’s 25th largest healthcare management and financial services firm.  SSB possesses unique intellectual capital 

Military Healthcare ​Services, xG Health Solutions, and Inovacus, among others.

Through much of his career, Mr. Nelson has served as either CEO, COO or in other senior executive roles at both payer and provider operating companies.  He has used his leadership skills to plan and drive corporate development and organizational success, uniting strategic partners delivering complex healthcare services over wide regional geographies.

Two of his firms, Sierra Military Healthcare Services and Humana Military Healthcare Services, were created specifically to pursue and procure large government healthcare contracts.  Succeeding in both cases, Mr. Nelson then managed their rapid growth, rising from zero in annual revenue to over a $1 billion and $500 million, respectively.

He is also a co-founder of xG Health Solutions, a for-profit spinout of the Geisinger Health System, formed to bring Geisinger’s nationally recognized expertise in healthcare transformation to other provider organizations.  Prior to the creation of xG Health Solutions, Mr. Nelson served as the Vice President of Federal Markets at OptumHealth leading the development of its federal government business unit where he secured multi-million dollar contracts and supported the execution of significant government initiatives.

Beyond  his CEO role at VACG, Mr. Nelson leads Inovacus, LLC a strategic consulting firm advising health service delivery and technology-enabled companies on the latest market trends and the development of new payment and product designs in both the Government (Medicare /Medicaid/TRICARE/Veteran’s Affairs) and commercial sectors.​​​

The Veterans Accountable Care Group is anchored by two nationally-recognized healthcare strategy thought leaders

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