Compassionate, Accessible Care for Veterans


documented commitment to quality care and performance

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is a nationally-recognized accreditation organization dedicated to improving health care quality. Organizations that achieve NCQA accreditation must pass a rigorous comprehensive review. A major component of this accreditation is the implementation of a structured quality improvement process, based on rigorous methodology that impacts both clinical care and administrative services with a focus on the member/Veteran experience.

VACG holds NCQA accreditation in four functional areas critical to supporting a quality-driven healthcare network. Our Provider Network accreditation ensures VACG has documented administrative policies, procedures and best practices in place to contract and manage diverse providers as a delivery network serving a designated population.  Accreditation in Credentialing/Re-Credentialing validates that our procedures for screening and monitoring providers to ensure they meet network quality standards. Finally, our accreditations in Case Management and Disease Management spotlight VACG's rigorous medical management procedures for individuals with acute or chronic conditions who could benefit from higher levels of clinical support and care coordination.

Ensuring our providers deliver healthcare to VA standards can be a complex and challenging process.  Together, these accreditations spotlight the qualifications and dedication of our team to build a quality-centric, high-performing healthcare network for Veterans.