BUILD a Community-based CARE Delivery Network TO ENSURE TIMELY and Responsive Care FOR veterans

Compassionate, Accessible Care for Veterans

There is a better way.  Leveraging its extensive experience and insight into military healthcare,  Veterans Accountable Care Group is now in the process of organizing an exceptional network of community-based providers and support services designed for veterans unable to readily access the healthcare they need from Veterans Health Administration facilities.  

In 2018, the VHA-sponsored Community Care Network (CCN) will start connecting veterans who either live too far from VHA facilities for easy access--or cannot be scheduled for needed care in a timely fashion--to local providers in their area.  Veterans who qualify will have access to quality-focused CCN providers to support medical, dental, pharmacy and other benefits to which they are entitled.

our vision

The CCN project is emblematic of VACG's on-going focus and commitment to catalyze and accelerate healthcare's across-the-board transition to accountable, value-based care, particularly within the Veterans Healthcare Administration and the Department of Defense Military Health System.  Our vision is anchored in team-based care models, use of new treatment technologies, evidence-based clinical pathways. advanced analytics, performance tracking and effectively designed and integrated information systems, all of which are essential to delivering next-generation quality care and service.  Those who serve our nation deserve nothing less.

Our Commitment to Veterans

compassionate, Accountable Care...​ Available when you need it